Dubai: Bugatti opens its largest showroom in the world

With an area spanning 240 square metres the dealership, which is on Sheikh Zayed Road, is a continuation of a partnership between the supercar manufacturer and Al Habtoor Motors.

Not only is it big, it also features an entrance designed to mimic the horseshoe found on the front of every Bugatti. Inside, the showroom has a lounge with furniture from the Bugatti Home Collection, and it’s here where customers are able to configure a Chiron hypercar to their own tastes.

Stefan Brungs, member of the board of management of Bugatti Automobiles, said: ‘A location of this significance and our brand’s appeal has earned a superlative showroom.

‘Many Bugatti customers who have been the closest and most loyal ambassadors of our brand for many years live in this region. Some of them are proud owners of car collections with even several Bugatti super sports cars.

‘A passion for ultimate performance, luxury and individuality is especially in evidence here. The new showroom will not only be the perfect platform for the Chiron but also honours our special customers.’

Al Habtoor Motors has been the official dealer for Bugatti in the United Arab Emirates since 2006.


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