Bulgaria: Kurdish president to discuss ISIS war

A Kurdish delegation, headed by President Masoud Barzani, is in the Bulgarian capital to discuss bilateral relations.

The delegation, which includes Presidency Chief of Staff Fuad Hussein, the Security Council’s Masrour Barzani, KDP politburo member Azad Barwari, and presidential advisor Hemin Hawrami, was received by Bulgarian Prime Minister Boiko Borissov.

They met with the Bulgarian ministers of economy, agriculture, and tourism.

Borissov thanked the resilience of the Kurdistan nation and the bravery of the Peshmerga forces in the fight against ISIS terrorists, according to a statement from the Kurdish presidency’s office.

The Bulgarian prime minister also said that the war on terror is his country’s priority and hence they will assist the nation of Kurdistan. He declared his country’s readiness to broaden economic and cultural relations with the Kurdistan Region as an important region in the Middle East.

President Barzani also discussed the bravery of the Peshmerga, and thanked the coalition forces for their assistance. Bulgaria is a member of the US-led anti-ISIS coalition.

Barzani stressed that the Kurdistan Region considers itself an ally of any country that fights terrorism. In addition to the military war, he said, there should be a war on terrorist ideologies and sources of their economy, and the causes for the emergence and development of terrorism should be uprooted.

Barzani also said that after tens of years of sacrifice, the nation of Kurdistan has decided to hold a referendum to determine its future.

Source: rudaw.net

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