Woman from Bahrain calls for help

A Pakistani expatriate who has been living in Bahrain for the past 44 years is in desperate need of help after the doctors diagnosed with a tumour.

Nabila Aziz, a Pakistani was diagnosed with a tumour between her left kidney and spleen, when she went for a routine check to Salmaniya Medical Complex.

“The doctor told me that I need an immediate operation as the tumour is growing rapidly. But I don’t have the funds. The tests are super expensive and even the operation is expensive.”

“Even if I get operated the post operation tests and medication is really costly.

“I am already taking a life time medicine for thyroid. I really want the Ministry of Health to look into cases like this and come up with solutions,” she told DT News. 

President of Pakistani Women Association, Azra Adil, told DT News “Us as an association or with the help from the community members will do as much as we could do for her help. We would get in touch with her immediately and tackle this issue. We will try our best to help her get better.”

Source: newsofbahrain.com

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