Tel Aviv: Guy meets men Grindr app and attacks them – Photo

Man arrested by the police for allegedly attacking other men he met through a dating app, ‘sometimes with a knife,’ if they refused to sleep with them; he is suspected of aggravated assault and robbery; ‘He pressed a taser on my body.’

Police arrested Wednesday a 24-year-old resident of Tel Aviv for allegedly attacking men he met through the gay social network and dating app Grindr.

The police stated that “the suspect attacked on several occasions men who refused to have intercourse with him.” He was brought Friday to the Tel Aviv Magistrate’s Court, where his remand was extended until April 19.

130One of his victims, Amir (alias), told Ynet about the attack he had experienced at the hands of the violent man and the moments which led to the suspect’s arrest.

“He made a move on me, sent me pictures, and he seemed really attractive. We made plans to meet at my place,” Amir said. He invited the suspect to his home in Tel Aviv, and when he arrived, Amir claims that he started acting very unpleasantly.

When Amir asked him to leave, the suspect refused and attacked him.

“When he arrived he gave off a very bad vibe. I just wanted him to leave. I told him that I’m tired and that he’d better leave. He told me that he was disappointed out by it, and said he’ll leave if I give him 20 Shekels.”

Refusing to give him the money, Amir insisted once again that he leave his home.

“At that point he grabbed a glass and threw it on the floor, shattering it. I told him that there’s no way I’m giving him any money, so he grabbed my cell phone and shattered it as well,” Amir recounted.

“After that he grabbed me by the neck and we started fighting. I tried to calm him down, but then he pulled out a taser and pressed it against my body. I managed to calm him down and gave him everything I had in my wallet, promised him that everything is fine and that nothing’s going to happen.

“He threatened me not to tell anyone, saying that he already had a criminal record.”

After that, the man left.

“There was a lot of fear. The security of my home was violated. It stays with me still and it will probably stay with me for a while,” Amir said.

The victim then filed a complaint with the police, but was not prepared to wait for the investigation, lest someone else fall prey to his violent attacks. Amir and his friend therefore planned an operation to expedite the process and bring the suspect to justice.

“Someone I knew spoke to him on Grindr and planned to meet him in a fictitious address. When he arrived we called the police and explained that he is a serial offender,” Amir said, adding “the police did a fine job.”

The police stated Thursday that “an investigation has been opened and a suspect has been arrested. The investigation is still ongoing.”

They added that the suspect seemed to have attacked several men, saying that he “used to plan meetings with men in their apartments, and upon arriving demanded to have intercourse with them. If they refused, the suspect assaulted them, sometimes with a knife, and threatened to kill them.”

The police has also asked any members of the public was recently attacked in this manner to come forward and give testimony.



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