Melania Trump and Queen Rania spotted strolling together in style

Jordan’s royals made it out to the White House on Wednesday and it seems as though Queen Rania and Melania Trump had a pretty good time together.

The duo were caught taking a stroll near the White House, before going on to visit a public charter school, Excel Academy, where they met with students.

To say the least, the two walked side by side in style, making the whole scene look like a fashion event.

They both pulled off an elegant business look … and people definitely took notice.

From the looks of it, the two were judging each other’s outfits …



Hair down or pulled back?


Aside from the fashion face-off, the duo visited a public school together …


This is no surprise, considering Queen Rania’s focus on education. The Jordanian royal is known for her several initiatives to empower Arab women through education.

It seems as though Melania Trump drew some inspiration from Queen Rania.

“Education is critical to our efforts to shine a light on the topic of gender equality and empowerment of women,” the first lady said, according to the New York Times.

“Hearing directly from teachers and the students who attend the school was an important step in the dialogue needed to further my agenda as first lady of the United States,” she added.

And then … a double date was in order?


Following the visit, Jordan’s King Abdullah II expressed enthusiasm and support for the policies of the Middle East set under U.S. President Donald Trump.

“I am very delighted for your vision and holistic approach to all the challenges in the region,” the king said during a joint press conference with Trump at the White House on Wednesday, according to Al Jazeera.

The king then went on to praise Trump’s “very, very hard” work toward brokering peace between Palestine and Israel.

He even expressed optimism that the issue would finally reach a resolution under Trump’s leadership.

“I think we will be successful, I hope to be successful,” King Abdullah said.


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