Egypt is among list of places that smoke most hash

In a report published on April 20, to mark 4/20, a day dedicated to smoking marijuana, The Telegraph mapped out the world according to countries’ consumption of cannabis, and guess who made it on the list…


Yes, you heard that right.

According to the report, Egypt came in at number 25 out of 30 countries rated in terms of high consumption of cannabis, with 6.24 percent of its population regularly smoking the substance.

In 2015, the country’s Tobacco Merchants Association in Cairo and Giza “submitted a proposal to the cabinet in order to legalize the trade and use of Hash” (a drug made from cannabis), arguing that the legislation would help “reduce the state budget deficit within a few years through imposing taxes on Hash.”

“Hash has been illegal in Egypt since the country signed the League of Nations’ Geneva International Convention on Narcotic Control in 1925,” according to Egyptian Streets.

The top ten countries on the report are: Iceland, the United States, Nigeria, Canada, Chile, France, New Zealand, Bermuda, Australia and Zambia.

Legalizing cannabis and similar substances

In recent years many countries around the world have been proposing changes to cannabis laws.

According to The Telegraph “Portugal decriminalized all drugs in 2001 and within a decade substance abuse was reported to have halved – though that’s not to say the dip in drug taking was directly down to the policy.”

Uruguay has adopted a similar approach, legalizing  marijuana in 2013.

In the U.S., many states including California, Massachusetts and Nevada voted for the drug to be legalized.


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