Dubai car crash leads Syrian millionaire to give away all his wealth – Photo, Video

After a Dubai car accident that landed Syrian businessman Mazzi Dumato in jail for one night, the 38-year-old gave away his lifestyle and his multimillion-dollar fortune.

Throughout his time in the emirate, the executive managed to become a millionaire at a young age through web design, marketing and real estate. With the money earned, Dumato bought himself a $150,000 Ferrari which was involved in a five-car crash after leaving a party.


After spending one night in a cell, Dumato came to the conclusion that it was time for him to re-evaluate and alter his lifestyle, give away his businesses and go travelling as he sought happiness.

Meeting his wife Milena inspired Dumato to spend the $3 million he had left on properties that were used for charitable purposes and on medical bills for family members and strangers.

“Basically, I gave away all my money…When I left Dubai I had about $3 million. I spent around $1 million on property and the last $2 million went on hospital bills for my wife’s cancer and car accident and for her brother’s brain tumor which he’s still in hospital for,” Dumato said, in remarks quoted by Britain’s Daily Mail.


According to Dumato, his wife and the car crash are the two elements that led Dumato to leave behind his former “playboy life” to seek a different path that constitutes several charitable ventures.

Some of these ventures involve turning properties into a cancer prevention center.

“I bought the land and my deal was that 50 percent of the cancer prevention center’s income would go to providing the service for free to people who couldn’t afford the treatments… We have about nine properties in total. They all have incredible stories. Not all are turned into centers. Our cancer prevention center will be ready by the end of 2017,” Dumato said.

Dumato and his wife, Milena, are now believed to live in a Volkswagen adventure wagon in South America.


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