Saudi sex slave from Hyderabad cries for help – Photo

A city woman, facing sexual abuse in Saudi Arabia, is making a desperate attempt to be free of her tormentor. The woman has fled the house where she was working in Riyadh. She has gone into hiding so that her employer will not find her. Her next step will be to somehow reach the Indian Embassy in Riyadh where she will be safe.

The woman was sexually harassed repeatedly by her employer’s 25-year-old son who would forcibly carry her into his room and lock her up. This reportedly happened in front of his mother Maha Ayed Turki Anazi, the employer.


The woman was taken for a ride by her agent in the city who promised her a job in a beauty parlour. But she was forced to take up the job of a domestic help after going to Saudi. She had moved from Balanagar in Hyderabad to Tatiguda in Adilabad before she went to Saudi Arabia. Mohd Amir, a social worker in Riyadh, told TOI that the woman was scared of being caught by her employer again.

According to MBT leader Amjedullah Khan, the woman was cheated by a Hyderabad agent, Abdul Aziz on July 22, 2014. The MBT leader also wrote a letter to external affairs minister Sushma Swaraj about the woman’s travails. “She has been being held captive for the last three years and being sexually assaulted,” he said.
Khan alleged the woman employer, along with some agents in Riyadh, Mumbai and Hyderabad were running a big human trafficking racket.In a video message sent to Khan, the woman recounted her harrowing story.

She is not the only victim of the greedy agent. Two other women from Hyderabad were promised jobs in a beauty parlour, but forced into domestic slavery.

The Indian Embassy in Riyadh responded saying: “We will take immediate action.”

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