Dubai: Man was arrested for having sex with 300 men

A 29-year-old man has admitted to working in prostitution, in a Dubai court. The Moroccan also confessed in the Court of First Instance to a charge of inciting others through his different social media accounts to have sex with him by posting pictures of nude women and cross-dressers.

During police interrogation, the accused had confessed he had sex with about 300 men. He would collect between Dh1,000 and Dh1,500, he added.

The accused admitted in court on Tuesday he opened several social media accounts to incite men into having sex with him.

“While checking different accounts on social media we came across an ad posted by the defendant. He was offering services in massage, hair removal and cleaning at home or hotel. He posted his mobile number for WhatsApp messaging. There were inappropriate pictures of women and cross-dressers all over his account. His ad got many replies,” a cybercrime police lieutenant said.

“By tracking the user further, we found he had opened other accounts on applications like Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat for the same purpose – which is inciting immoral acts.”

After further digging into his profiles, the police found he was offering sexual services for money. “We arranged for an arrest and search warrant from the public prosecution. One of our officers made contact with him as a potential customer. They agreed to have sex for Dh1,200,” the lieutenant added.

The arrest was made on December 13 last year. A lipstick, eyeliner and a phone were seized from him.

A complaint was opened against him at Al Rashidiya police station.

He admitted then he was working as a prostitute and that he would use social media to promote his work. He admitted that the phone confiscated from him was the one he would usually use in announcing his sexual services.

Copies of posts from the defendant’s accounts were enclosed as part of the case. A court decision will be pronounced on May 21.


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