Turkey’s ‘Salt Bae’s signature move inspires mobile game

Nusret Gökçe, the Turkish butcher who became an internet meme after an Instagram video showing him slicing meat and sprinkling it with salt, in perhaps the most ‘sensual’ way possible, went viral, is now coming to smartphones.

Gökçe, betterknown as ‘Salt Bae’ and his unique salting technique have inspired a new mobile game eveloped by Perfect Tap Games DMCC: Salt Chef.

In the game, players try to copy the moves on the screen to get good combos and cook their meat perfectly. At the end, if you succeed, Gökçe appears on the screen with his famous salting pose to finish it off.

With English, French, Japanese and Simplified Chinese options, the game is so far only available on mobile devices running iOS 7 or later.

His flamboyant salt-sprinkling pose, which is the highlight of this game, has even made its way onto t-shirts worn by celebrities such as Rihanna and Ben Affleck.

And here’s the video that made him famous:

Source: dailysabah.com

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