Syria: 22 regime soldiers killed near Al-Bab

At least 22 Syrian troops were killed in a clash with Free Syrian Army (FSA) forces in Tadif town near the city of al-Bab, opposition fighters said late Sunday.

The clashes, announced on social media by Havar Kilis Operation Room representing FSA, comes days after the Turkish military declared that al-Bab had been seized by Ankara-backed FSA forces as part of the Operation Euphrates Shield.

Daesh terrorists then reportedly withdrew to Tadif, south of al-Bab, and promptly left the town to forces loyal to Bashar al-Assad without a fight.

Operation Euphrates Shield aims to provide security, support U.S.-led coalition forces and eliminate the terrorist presence along Syria’s northern border with Turkey.

The operation, which began on Aug. 24, relies heavily on FSA fighters reinforced by Turkish artillery and air support.

Source: Anadolu

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