School bus burned in Abu Dhabi

A school bus caught fire near Mohammed Bin Zayed City East of Mussafah today morning.

There were no students onboard and no casualties reported, according to the British International School to which the bus belonged. The fate of the bus driver and conductor is still unknown, said the school.

“As far as we know, no one is hurt. The cause of the accident is not clear yet. An investigation is on,” Nicola Baggaley, Marketing Manager of the school, told Khaleej Times.

One of the parents who received a photo of the school bus engulfed in flames, through whatsapp, said she was shocked. “It looked horrible. The entire bus was going up in flames,” said the parent who requested anonymity.

She said she immediately called her children’s school and made sure it was not her son’s school bus.

Baggaley said an email has been sent to all parents assuring them of students’ safety.

“We don’t want them to panic. And since morning, we have put all our school bus through a safety check,” she added.

The British curriculum school located on the Al Ain highway has a total of 1700 students.


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