Russian frigate with cruise missiles sails to Syria

The Russian Frigate Admiral Grigorovich was deployed in the Mediterranean Sea on Monday, where it will join the Russian naval group close to the Syrian coast, Reuters reported, with reference to Russian sources.

According to the news agency’s information, it will join the fleet deployed near Syrian shores. The publication’s source did not provide more detailed information, although the source claims that he witnessed the ship leaving the dock in Sevastopol.

This frigate was already in the Mediterranean Sea in November last year as part of the composition of the Russian naval group, and it inflicted missile strikes on targets in Syrian territory.

The Russian authorities reported that the strikes were inflicted on objects belonging to ISIS.

Admiral Grigorovich is the first of six new frigates commissioned in 2010 for the Russian Black Sea Fleet. In June 2016, Admiral Grigorovich arrived at Sevastopol.

The frigate can carry up to 8 Kalibr cruise missiles on board, as well as 36 Shtil-1 anti-aircraft missile systems, which are the naval version of the Buk anti-aircraft system.

Aside from the missile systems, the ship’s armament contains a 100mm artillery installation, an RBU-600 Smerch-2 anti-submarine rocket launcher, 533mm torpedoes and a Ka-31 helicopter.


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