Mike Huckabee: “I think we’re going to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital” – Video

Mike Huckabee says Judea and Samaria should be ‘open,’ says he thinks Trump will take ‘very positive steps’ supporting Israel.

While Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu traveled to the US to meet US President Donald Trump, Former Governor of Arkansas Mike Huckabee attended on Tuesday night an event in the Binyamin Region town of Psagot.

“I don’t know that anything has changed,” Huckabee told Arutz Sheva. “I mean, he certainly has his hands full right now with things in the US. But, I have not gotten any indication that the president has in any way dialed back his commitment, whether it’s to move the Embassy, certainly to stand with Israel, to do everything possible to destroy the Iranian deal, I think all of those things are still very much front and center for this administration.

“I think we’re going to recognize that Jerusalem is the legitimate capital of Israel, it should be a united city. I hope this all happens sooner rather than later.”

Regarding Netanyahu’s upcoming meeting with Trump, Huckabee said, “I’m not privy to the agenda, but I’m sure they’re going to talk most prominently about Iran, and the threat that it poses not just to Israel but to the United States.

“I think they’re going to talk about the UN resolution and how hurtful that was. Again, not just to Israel, but to the balance of power in the Middle East. And I’m sure they’ll talk about everything from the embassy and settlements, I’m sure all of those things will come up. But I have to believe that the centerpoint of the conversation will be about Iran.

“I think America is going to be much more supportive. I mean, this is Israel. It’s their country, their land. Judea and Samaria should be open for people of Israel to live wherever they want to live. I hope that’s the message that President Trump will give to Prime Minister Netanyahu.”

Huckabee also said he visits Israel several times a year, sometimes for business or political meetings, and sometimes leading groups.

“We have almost 400 people this time,” he said. “These are people who come from America to learn, not only about the Biblical perspective of Israel, but also to understand how Israel fits into the whole geopolitical system of the world.

“I hope to take back 400 ambassadors for Israel, when we get back to the United States.

“I think the fact that the Obama administration is out of office, that is good news for Israel. Because they’ve been terrible, absolutely horrible for Israel. If Donald Trump doesn’t do anything, it’ll be better for Israel.

“But I think he’s going to take a number of very positive steps that will show the world that the US is truly aligned as an ally of the State of Israel.”

Also participating in the event were MK Yehuda Glick (Likud), Binyamin Regional Council Deputy Head Yisrael Gantz, Rabbi Avraham Gisser, and others.

Source: israelnationalnews.com

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