Jeep Wrangler: Qatar motorcycle lands – Photo, Video

It was an epic desert showdown worthy that might even do Clint Eastwood proud.

A motocyclist faced off – inadvertently – against a Jeep Wrangler in the scorching and unforgiving terrain of the Qatari desert.

Rider ‘Kal’ was riding the dunes and getting big air with some mates.

Stunning footage uploaded to YouTube shows him ride over the crest of a sand dune and jump 100 feet in the air.

But there was no warning forthcoming from riders at the top that there was a procession of Jeep Wranglers traversing the dunes on the other side.


Kal, operating a KTM 450 SXF, dinged the hood of one of the Wranglers but miraculously landed with relative grace.

Luckily, he landed gracefully.

The rider exclaims, with more than a few expletives, ‘I hit his car.’


Uploader Desert Dirtbikes wrote: ‘My mate hit a big dune jump and due to lack of communication between the boys at the top of the dune, nobody saw the Jeep coming until he was airborne.

‘He landed on the hood but thankfully rode away like a boss.’

Luckily, no one save the Wrangler – which, with a glass half full, now has a distinctive tire mark –  seemed hurt in the collision.


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