It is car-free day everyday for some Dubai residents

For some residents, public transport is their preferred way of commute around the city, given its affordability and tension-free trips.

Lorjill Bernido walked 4km to her office on Car-Free Day, but normally she takes the bus. “It has helped me save a lot, and it’s very convenient.”

Faith Semini, part-time promoter, said her job is marked by moving around which is “perfectly met” by Dubai public transport.

For people with low paying or part-time jobs, public transport seemed the ideal commute. However, the problem remains the limitation of Dubai’s public transport, which prompts residents to take more than one mode of transport.

Shahd Ali, another part-time promoter, said other than avoiding traffic jam, taking theMetro has given her the chance to save.

However, taking more than one mode of transport to get to certain areas can be time-consuming. Stuffy buses or metro trains can get exhausting, according to Irish Jade, who leaves to work from Rigga to Business Bay.

Josephus Marco Pitao who said other than carpooling to work, he uses the Metro and public buses as they are ‘less lonely.’


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