ISIS straps explosive suicide belt to a terrified puppy – Photo, Video

These are the shocking images of a small puppy in Iraq who had been fitted with a tiny explosive vest to be used in a terrorist attack.

ISIS jihadis wanted the dog to cross the front lines towards rival forces where the device would have been detonated by remote control.

The two-minute video shows three Iraqi rebels involved in the fight against ISIS discussing the bomb.

ISIS has been deploying a range of increasingly desperate weapons as they battle to hold on to their strongholds in Mosul, Iraq and Raqqa in Syria.


 The terror organisation has equipped remote control drones with improvised hand grenade holders allowing the jihadis to drop bombs on rival forces.


The Iraqi government has launched a major offensive against ISIS in Mosul, looking to drive the terror group out of the country.

The animal’s bomb was defused by a government-backed militia

The bomb was made from several bottles connected by some electrical wires.

The device was designed to kill or seriously injure up to four people.


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