Egypt: Leo Messi visited the Pyramids – Photo, Video

In case you haven’t heard, Argentinean football legend and star of Barcelona football club Linoel Messi landed in Egypt this week to participate in the charity event “tour ‘n cure”. It benefits patients suffering from Hepatitis C.

Needless to say, a visit to the pyramids was on the schedule.

All hail Leo!


If you happened to be flipping through Egyptian channels last night and came across a grand convoy of tinted cars and mean looking bodyguards near the pyramids, then you’d be mistaken to think that this whole show was for royalty or a president.

It was all for Messi!

One presenter on Misr Al Balad TV channel said that Messi must have felt really safe in Egypt

Well, no wonder he felt safe surrounded by all these SUVs!

Eat Mulukhiyah ya ragel!

The star was later treated to a massive banquet fit for a king at the Mena House hotel which was attended by 7 ministers!

But not before Egypt’s “hilarious” TV host Amro Adib interviewed him and implored him not to leave Egypt without trying the famous mulukhiyah, to which a confused Messi simply replied “OK”.

Historical visit!


But, someone in Egypt was particularly excited about Messi’s visit.

Egypt’s veteran archaeologists Dr. Zahi Hawwas, who accompanied the famous footballer to a tour inside the pyramids, went as far as saying that “this is the most important visit in the history of the pyramids!”

He also said that Messi’s visit will have a huge impact on improving tourism in the country.

Exaggerating, much?


I mean come on ya Zahi… come on ya ragel!! So is Messi’s visit more important than that of Muhammad Ali?

Or the visit of the late princess Diana?



Tab, what about the visit of Obama in 2009? Still no?


I’m sure Obama feels a little bit hurt about your outrageous statement Mr. Hawwas!

And, of course there was a dedicated hashtag to this grand occasion

Clearly this guy is Messi’s biggest fan!

Leave it to the Egyptians to add some humor to the whole situation

– Messi: I studied Egypt’s history in school

– Egyptian man: I didn’t know Messi chose literature at school!

Come on ya Yasser ya habibi, sing a song to 3ammo Messi


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