Doha: The four historical heritage houses that you must visit – Photos

Aside from the spacious and stunning Hamad International Airport, Doha is a little-known travel destination among many tourists.

Nestled between the Persian Gulf and Saudi Arabia, Qatar’s capital is a dynamic hub of business, culture, arts and tourism.

Historically, Qatar has been at the crossroads of trade routes linking the Gulf and Mediterranean countries with the Far East.

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In the heart of downtown Doha, within the oldest part of the capital, Msheireb Museums is a must-visit for those curious about Qatar’s history and heritage.

The Museums are situated in four restored traditional houses: Bin Jelmood, Company, Mohammed Bin Jassim, and Radwani; which together form a vital part of the old city’s regeneration and preservation of heritage and culture.

The Mohammed Bin Jassim House demonstrates the city’s traditional values and introduces how the oldest disctrict transformed over time through recalling memories and artifacts of the past, and engaging visitors in the plans for the future through futuristic exhibitions.

Set within the former headquarters of Qatar’s first oil company, the Company House tells the story of the pioneers that helped transform the nation into the wealthiest in modern society. Old artifacts such as a generator that was used during oil exploration is displayed; and one can’t help imagine that without it, Qatar would not be where it is now.

Did you know that before the Qataris found oil wealth, pearls that were collected by slaves were once the most important industry in Qatar? Bin Jelmood House is a museum that investigates and raises awareness about enslaved people, in the past and also in modern society. The museum shares the story of Qatar and how it began in enslavement and to modern day where people now live in shared freedom and prosperity. This Museum was definitely one of my favourites as a walk through the house took me through a journey of the people who served in bondage through incredibly touching and powerful exhibitions.

Finally, the Radwani House is home to excavation works carried out by archaeologists that showcase how domestic family life has transformed in Doha.

Entry is free to all visitors. Opening hours are Monday to Thursday: 9.00am – 5.00pm, Friday: 3.00pm – 9.00pm, and Saturday: 9.00am – 9.00pm.





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