Saudis abide the King’s decree on praying for rain

Gov. Prince Faisal bin Bandar took part in a Kingdomwide rain-seeking prayer program, “Istisqa,” at the Imam Turki bin Abdullah Mosque on Thursday.

Worshippers performed rain-seeking prayers, with the participation of the respective governors of the regions, their deputies and senior government officials on Thursday. The program included prayers at the Two Holy Mosques in Makkah and Madinah.

In Riyadh, Grand Mufti and President of Senior Scholars Council and Scholarly Research and Ifta Presidency Sheikh Abdulaziz bin Abdullah Al Al-Sheikh also graced the occasion.

Muslims performed the Istisqa (rain-seeking) prayer in pursuit of the Prophetic Sunnah during drought and late rain, praying to Allah Almighty for rainfall.

In Makkah, prayers were performed at the Grand Holy Mosque and attended by Makkah Governor Prince Khaled Al-Faisal.

In Madinah, prayers were performed at the Prophet’s Holy Mosque and attended by Undersecretary of Madinah Region Governorate Wahib Mohammed Al-Sahli.

Prayers were also performed simultaneously in other regions and attended by governors of regions and senior government officials.

Imams urged Muslims in all parts of the Kingdom to perform meritorious deeds, seek forgiveness and give charities magnanimously.

The sermons of the day urged Muslims to abstain from engaging themselves in misdeeds, which would prevent rainfall in the country and the preachers also requested the members of the congregation to seek forgiveness and adhere to the Holy Quran and Prophet’s Sunnah and be good Muslims following the precepts of the religion.

According to Prophet’s Sunnah (Traditions), “Istisqa” prayers are conducted in the event of drought or delay in rainfall.

“Rains will create a conducive environment for wildlife and plantation, we could also expect a higher percentage during the next breeding season in the spring,” an official from the Saudi Wildlife Authority (SWA) told Arab News.

“The wetness will freshen up the vegetation and grasslands in the Central Province,” he said, adding that the rains will benefit the wildlife, providing water and necessary food for its sustenance.


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