Saudi student is a shawarma seller to support family – Photo

Murtada Al-Musaileem, a Saudi student in his third secondary school year, has set an example for the young Saudi men and women who are determined to achieve their ambitions without being distracted by their own personal or family circumstances.


He has become a shawarma mualim (teacher) to break the monopoly of the expatriates over this profession.

He is working at a restaurant in Dammam to support his family after his father was incapacitated by his health condition.

Musaileem is the first Saudi to work in this field which is not familiar to his countrymen especially at his age.

Video clips showing him preparing and selling the shawarma have gone viral on the social media with commentators commending his work.

“I have chosen this work because I love it. I have never before seen a Saudi man doing this job,” he said.

Musaileem said he wanted to prove to the young Saudi men that they could do this job with high quality and professionalism.

Musaileem said an expatriate taught him the secrets of making the shawarma and continued to train him until he mastered the profession. “I joined a restaurant at a monthly salary of SR1,000 which was later increased to SR2,000, he said.

Musaileem said he works from 6 p.m. until midnight because during the day time he is attending his classes.

“I wanted to depend on myself and to help my father so I continued working in this job of which I am extremely fond,” he said.

He said he received good offers from a number of other restaurants but he preferred to continue where his now until he has enough money and experience to open his own project.

Musaileem said during the examinations, he changes his work schedule to start from midday to 6 p.m. so as to be able to prepare himself for the examinations.


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