Operation room is the secret behind a safe Dubai – Photo

Al Arabiya gained exclusive access inside Dubai’s Police Operation Room and discovered the secrets behind the security management for each district of the city populated with more than 2.5 million people.


Among the busy highways and tall skyscrapers, security presence goes unnoticed by the city’s residents.

The densely populated city gives both visitors and residents a feeling of personal security and individual liberty.

This is due to the presence of a high-level security system that Dubai deploys. According to official figures, 98 percent of Dubai residents feel secure and safe living in the emirate.

There are more than 28,000 cameras wired in public and vital places — without violating the privacy of individuals.

These cameras are tuned into the operation room 24 hours a day to monitor safety and public order.

The surveillance cameras are connected to the Chamber of Command and Control at the Dubai Police Department, which employs about 80 staff members who work around-the-clock. The members come from different backgrounds to mirror the ever-growing diversity of Dubai’s population, including body language experts.

The room receives several types of notifications: Criminal, traffic, and has a special section to provide first aid assistance and guidance to patients over the phone until ambulances arrive.

The operation room receives an approximate number of three million calls a year, according to staff members.

Source: saudigazette.com.sa

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