Lots of dead and injured in bus crash in Israel – Video

A bus has plummeted off a cliff in Israel killing at least seven people and injuring many more.

The vehicle fell 200ft off a cliff and landed on its roof in Shomron in Israel’s West Bank.

Dramatic pictures of the crash have been shared on Twitter.

Local media has reported that dozens of people are injured but that emergency services are struggling to reach them.

Other photos surfaced of rescue crew searching for casualties among the wreckage of the upturned bus.

It is believed that some people are trapped in the bus.

The crash happened at about 1am local time.

Menachem Leff, head of the Binyamin region of United Hatzalah – a group of volunteer medics, told The Yeshiva World News: ‘This is a very difficult situation in which one bus has fallen off of a cliff and dropped some 400 meters into the wadi below.

‘United Hatzalah first responders who arrived at the scene have requested that lighting be brought, as well as search and rescue crews, fire rescue crews and helicopters be dispatched in order to help reach those on the bus.

‘Due to the extreme nature of the incident, volunteers have also been dispatched from the Jerusalem and Shomron chapters of United Hatzalah.’

Source: dailymail.co.uk

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