Handsome model from UAE is quite the family man

An Emirati man who went viral because of his good looks is now happily married to a Saudi fashion designer and is father to a baby boy.

Omar Borkan Al-Gala hit the headlines in 2015 amid reports that he was deported out of Saudi Arabia for his looks — although these reports were later found to be false.

Al-Gala has taken to social media to post pictures of his wife named Yasmin and son Diyab, although never showing the baby’s face.

The handsome model who is originally from Dubai, moved to Vancouver with his parents and three brothers. He is a product ambassador for Samsung and has modelling contracts around the world.

In an interview after his newfound international fame, Al-Gala had said: “The attention is one of the things that every man in this world wants, especially from the girls, right? So every man wants to be in that place where he gets all the people’s attention and everyone’s looking after him. It happens to me and it feels great.”

Source: arabnews.com

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