Violence against women does exist in Saudi Arabia

I do not understand why some Saudis deny the fact that women suffer from domestic abuse and violence. How can they say that such violence is in the best interests of women? It is really strange to meet people who think like this. I think that they are in self-denial and completely unaware of the reality on the ground.

I have written extensively about violence against women and even stressed that abuse does not necessarily have to be physical. There are other non-physical forms of abuse that can cause harm and damage that is similar to physical abuse. In fact, non-physical abuse can have lasting effects. For example, some laws can be described as non-physical forms of abuse. These laws undervalue women and may cause some form of psychological effect with a lasting impact. In other words, because of this impact, women will not have any option but to succumb to laws that work against their interest.

Despite this negative viewpoint, I see the glass as half full and believe that Saudi women have been more successful in securing their rights when compared to women in other parts of the Arab world, especially those who are faced with ongoing political conflicts and wars.

It is important that we take part in global events that celebrate women’s achievements and call for ending violence against women. The International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women falls on November 25 each year. If we compare our media coverage of this event over the past few years, we will find that this year’s coverage was more extensive.

Each year girls’ schools and colleges should celebrate the day and use it as an opportunity to educate girls about their rights. Boys’ schools and colleges should observe the day and hold a short event to educate boys about women’s rights. Male students should realize that there is no shame or social stigma in young men advocating women’s rights and calling for equality.

Our civil and educational institutions must observe these events and celebrate them in their own way to enhance women’s rights. It is high time all members of the public got together to end the misconceptions associated with women’s rights. After all, we are a part of the global world community and we should consider such events important.


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