USA coalition destroys 168 ISIS oil tankers – Video

In the largest air strike of its kind to date, Coalition airstrikes destroyed a fleet of 168 ISIL oil tanker trucks near Palmya, Syria, Dec. 8, 2016.

“The Coalition continues to forcefully prosecute the air war on ISIL revenue capability,” said Col. John L. “JD” Dorrian, CJTF-OIR Spokesman. “When ISIL has access to large sums of money, they use it to conduct violent terror attacks against anyone who doesn’t share their barbaric ideology.”

The Coalition is systematically targeting ISIL-affiliated oil infrastructure to eliminate millions of dollars in potential revenue. This most recent strike resulted in estimated lost revenue of more than $2 million.  Stopping or severely hampering ISIL cash flow degrades their ability to fund the war effort in Iraq and Syria and terrorist attacks around the world.

The destruction of ISIL oil tanker trucks and petroleum equipment is just one of the multiple targets the Coalition strikes to hasten the military defeat ISIL in Iraq and Syria by, with and through partnered forces.


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