See founders and supporters of ISIS

Today, Turkey is the only state that is actually directly fighting Daesh. Syria, Iran and Russia and the Western powers themselves never directly fought Daesh. The former coalition formed against the political power of Assad was replaced with the anti-Daesh coalition. That coalition has been bombing Daesh for one year without engaging in any land attacks. Sending almost 50,000 soldiers to Syria and losing tens of its high-ranking generals, the magnitude of Iran’s military activities within the Syrian civil war have always been extreme.

In my previous columns, I have argued that Daesh must have been created and managed by a number of international intelligence organizations and thus, shall be eliminated by those organizations when it becomes redundant. What’s worse, the terror that Daesh brought through its bloody and ferocious acts seemed to be inspired by the communication strategies of Hollywood movies.

As a result of such a powerful strategy of communication, people all around the world were joining Daesh. We have already seen the same story in the context of the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. The Afghan resistance against Russia was designated as “jihad” and the resistance fighters “mujahideen” (i.e., “warriors of Islam”). After the ultimate defeat of Russia, the U.S. strategy of jihad produced a global terrorist organization, i.e. al-Qaeda.

Regarding the present situation in Syria, Daesh has never fought the Syrian regime of Assad. Instead, their main target has always been the legitimate Syrian opposition groups. Moreover, Daesh always left the lands they controlled to the PKK’s Syrian counterpart, which created another canton of slaughter and war.

The sad truth of the Syrian civil war has been the fact that the death of Syrian Arabs has no significant value in the eyes of the international media. After slaughtering the Yazidis, Daesh attacked Kobani, after which 300,000 refugees had to take shelter in Turkey. Daesh’s attack on Kobani aimed at overthrowing the Turkish government by targeting the peace process, which was being negotiated between the PKK and the government. Indeed, with the support of former Iraqi President Jalal Talabani and Iran, the PKK decided to leave the negotiating table. Iraq’s current government is under the direct influence of Iran, which put the ferocious Shiite militia in areas that were taken back from Daesh by the Iraqi army. Thus, it is reasonable to argue that the administration of U.S. President Barack Obama significantly changed the demographic structure of both Iraq and Syria by leaving the Sunni lands in the hands of Shiites and Kurds.

Donald Trump once said, “Daesh was founded by Obama and will be managed by Clinton.” In fact, the ferocious image of Daesh has been successfully abused to degrade Islam and denominate Muslims all around the world as “terrorists.”

Both the PKK and the FETÖ terror organizations insistently argued that Turkey was supporting Daesh. Now it can be clearly seen that such an accusation against Turkey has also been expressed by some of their Western counterparts, who aim at degrading Turkey’s image in the international arena.

Soon enough, Daesh will be eliminated totally and their founders and supporters will never be exposed. While Turkey is directly fighting Daesh, the hypocrisy and sham of the PKK’s image of “the heroes fighting against radical Islam” becomes all the more obvious. Still, Turkey’s military struggle against Daesh does not get the attention that it deserves in the halls of the U.S. Congress or the European Parliament.


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