Jenna Jameson reveals ‘massive crush’ on Netanyahu

Former porn mega-star and recent convert to Judaism Jenna Jameson revealed Sunday that she has a “massive crush” on Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, refering to him as “complete badass” in a series of tweets related to Israel.

Jameson’s tweetstorm began with a post of Netanyahu’s comments on Sunday to the annual Brookings Institution’s Saban Forum for Middle East Policy, and a comment about his budding relationship with US President-elect Donald Trump, whom she has supported for the presidency.

“It’s so apparent Trump and BeBe [sic] are going to be great friends…. I have to admit I have a massive crush on @netanyahu,” she wrote.

In response to a user who then said Netanyahu was “hot,” suggesting it was something in “his voice,” Jameson said: “And the fact that he’s a complete badass,” later adding that his wife Sara was a “very lucky woman.”

To the chairman of the Jewish Home’s Anglo Forum, Jeremy Man Saltan, who asked her if there were other Israeli politicians she found attractive, Jameson said she “only has eyes for Netanyahu.”

Jameson, who was raised Catholic, said last month that she had completed her conversion to Orthodox Judaism, tweeting on November 11 “#mikva #Blessings.” She has been engaged to her Israeli fiance, Lior Bitton, for over a year.

Her Twitter feed is filled with Jewish-related posts mixed with political commentary and what seems to be a dedicated effort at answering those who tweet at her, even in Hebrew.

To one person who on Sunday suggested that “[US President Barack] Obama will try and screw israel somehow before he goes,” Jameson said Obama won’t do that… he made his attempt with the Iran deal. Plus anything he would try to do would be overturned by Trump right away.”

She indulged an Israeli user who implored her to show her support for the controversial Israeli soccer team, Beitar Jerusalem, Jameson tweeted “Yalla Beitar,” with an image of the Israeli flag.

She also indicated that she and her husband were planning to visit Israel after their baby arrived, due on April 9.

To those who weren’t so pleased with her clear affection for Netanyahu and Israel, tweeting claims of apartheid and war crimes, Jameson clapped back promptly.

Jameson’s career started in 1993, and she formally announced her retirement from pornography in 2008.

She and her fiance were said to be filming a reality series showing her conversion to Judaism and preparations for the wedding, reportedly set to take place in Israel, though it is unclear when.

Bitton is more widely known for insurance fraud in Israeli circles abroad.

In 2010, he was convicted in California of falsely reporting the theft of a 4.21-carat diamond from his Pacific Diamonds and Gems store, which he went on to try to flip in a sale in Israel after having collected $100,000 in his insurance claim. The fraud was discovered when the buyer went to have the diamond appraised, and Bitton was sentenced to three years of probation and five days in jail.


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