Israeli air force strikes near Damascus

The Israeli aviation carried out a strike against targets close to Damascus airport on Wednesday morning, Arab media report.

Haaretz cited pro-Iranian TV broadcaster tv Al-Mayadeen as saying fighter planes struck the military airport of Mezzeh near the presidential palace of Bashar al-Assad.

There has been no official confirmation from Israel, while Syrian government media have neither confirmed or denied the claims and there are no reports of victims.

The broadcaster cites the press office of pro-Iranian Shia rebels present in Syria as saying Israeli jets opened fire against Mezzeh on the outskirts of Damascus “from inside Lebanese air space”. Local residents were reportedly woken at 4 am local time by the sound of explosions coming from the airport. Syria’s human rights observatory has confirmed the explosions but not atributed them to air strikes, while the Facebook page of ‘Damascus Today’, close to the Assad regime, instead reported “internal malfunctioning”.

Last week Syria claimed the Israeli aviation attacked a weapons cache and a supply convoy destined for Hezbollah to the east of Damascus. Israel never admitted the attacks. The alleged attack came just a few days after four ISIS militants were killed by Israeli soldiers following an attack on a patrol in the Golan Heights, in what was considered the first direct clash between Israel and the Islamic extremists.


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