Hope is dead for US winning in Syria

After the landslide victory of the Syrian government over terrorists in Aleppo, Ali Akbar Velayati, the Leader’s foreign affairs aid met with Adnan Hassan Mahmoud, the Syrian envoy to Tehran, on Thursday.

“The Americans and the regional supporters of extremism have been disappointed to gain anything in Syria,” said Ali Akbar Velayati, the veteran Iranian diplomat who was Iran’s Foreign Minister for 16 years and is currently heading the Strategic Researches Center of the Expediency Council of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

He made the remarks in his Thursday meeting with Adnan Hassan Mahmoud, the Syrian Ambassador to Tehran. The two met in order to exchange views on the latest developments of the region after the liberation of Aleppo.

At the beginning of the meeting, Velayati offered his greetings to the people and government of Syria over the latest victories and said, “the Iranian nation and government are happy with these victories which are the results of 6 years of resistance and resilience along with the nation and government of Syria.”

Mr. Velayati underlined that the recent gains proved that war on terrorism and extremism can achieve accomplishments without the support of the US and the West.

“Certainly, the Syria of today under the leadership of its president is much stronger than the start of these atrocities and divisions,” reiterated the top foreign affairs’ advisor of Iran’s Leader, “the pro-terrorists states who advocate extremism along with their regional allies like the Zionist regime, are no longer a threat for this resistant people and government.”

He called for more efforts to preserve and protect the gained triumphs as the enemies would do more than before against the resistance front. Mr. Velayati also reassured that the goal is achievable via vigilance, watchfulness and cooperation.

The Syrian envoy to Tehran, for his part, described the happiness of Iranians for the Syrians’ victories as appreciable and worthy of gratitude.

Source: en.mehrnews.com

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