Dubai: Woman who killed drunk lover is staying in jail

The Dubai Court of Appeals on Wednesday upheld 10-year jail and deportation given to a businesswoman who murdered her inebriated lover while he was sleeping.The 34-year-old Russian woman was found guilty again of stabbing her lover to death after spending a night out with him drinking alcohol. She was believed to have slept by his side to wake up a few hours later shocked and in denial of what she did the crime.

She was convicted for premeditated murder on June 12 by the Court of First Instance and sentenced to 10 years in jail, to be followed by deportation for the charge.

The court ordered her to pay Dh100,000 in damages to the victim’s family. She told the police officers, who reported to the crime scene in Al Nahda, Al Qusais on August 16, 2014, that she had spent enormous money on the victim, a Palestinian, and was late to realise that he was taking advantage of her. She wanted desperately to marry him and have his child but he kept evading her request.

She was also accused of having consensual sex outside wedlock and consuming alcohol without a licence in the Court of Misdemeanors.

The victim’s friend, a 41-year-old Syrian archives clerk, said that a few hours before the incident he had dinner with the victim at a restaurant in Al Garhoud. “He looked as if something was bothering him. He said he wanted to break up with the defendant.”

Around noon the following day, the witness received a phone call from the victim’s number. “It was the defendant. She was crying and told me she killed my friend and said she did not know what to do.”

An Emirati café owner, 50, said the woman told him she had given the victim large amounts of money at different occasions and once half a million dirhams. A police lieutenant said that the murder incident was reported around 12:45pm.

“She was in a state of break-down and crying. Her hand was wrapped in a bandage. The victim was lying motionless on his back in the bedroom. She told us she had returned to her place late and tried to wake him up. She then stabbed him with a kitchen knife. The verdict may be challenged at the Court of Cassation.


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