Dubai: Two women (bank employees) jailed for Dh504,000 fraud

Two bank employees, who embezzled Dh504,000 from their workplace with the help of a former customer, have been sentenced to 3 years in jail each by the Court of First Instance.

Public prosecution records show the two women sales supervisors, aged 24 and 31, both Indians, conspired with their accomplice, a 36-year-old petrol technician (also Indian, at large), to renew his loan application even though he did not meet the necessary conditions as he had resigned from his job here and left for his home country.

The two bank staff were found guilty of forgery and use of forged documents and fraud while the runaway accomplice was also sentenced to three years in jail on aiding and abetting charges.

The incident took place between November, 2014 and January of 2015 and was reported to Al Rashidiyah police.

The records show the former bank employees brought the customer’s files and got necessary copies to apply for a loan renewal in his name.

One of them also used his own phone SIM card to make a phone call from his personal number to make the bank administration believe it was the same customer who was filing the loan application. She managed to complete his loan application file following that fake call that was aimed at fooling the bank that he was in the UAE.

The defendants got later approval for the loan and managed to avail of the sum worth Dh504,000 after settling his previous loan worth Dh124,000.

They deposited the difference in the customer’s account. The former customer also gave the two employees his online banking details so they could have access and transfer amounts to and from his account and to split money among each other and pay other accomplices.

Both the employees were also accused of forging a security cheque, worth the loan amount, which one of them filled and faked the former customer’s signature on it.

All of the accused will be deported after completing their jail terms, the court ruled.

The verdict has been appealed.


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