Dubai Mall: Tank drives through wall – Video

A video that has been circulating among UAE residents has left viewers in awe, as a tank was recorded smashing through a wall in Dubai Mall.

However, the footage did not cause any damage as it seems to have been part of a stage production.

The video was posted online on Wednesday December 14, 2016, and the tank was also recorded driving along Shaikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Boulevard with a police escort.

While social media users debated on why the tank was being filmed at Dubai Mall, it was actually part of the British car show The Grand Tour, which includes Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May (aka ex-Top Gear people).

The Dubai Mall shoot forms part the finale of their new show and fans were invited to take part.

Having travelled around the world — from Johannesburg to California and Rotterdam, with Stuttgart, Scotland and Nashville — the show came to the UAE when the hosts pitched a tent at the foot of the iconic Burj Khalifa tower.


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