Aleppo: Syrian army retakes new areas

The Syrian army retook control of the Aleppo international airport today, consolidating its positions in the Taril al Bab and Al Helwaniyah neighborhoods, military sources informed.

The safety margin achieved allows operations at the airport and includes a large area in Sakan al-Shababi, they added.

The media stated that after hard fighting against terrorist elements, the area controlled by the army and its allies was expanded in Karm al Kateriye, located in the eastern region of Aleppo.

On the other hand, local authorities reported that a rocket launched by the armed extremists hit a temporary shelter center in Teshreen, killing two civilians and wounding other 17.

In that sense, they emphasized that terrorists are even attacking those refuges in some areas of the city, which were established for the thousands of evacuees who succeeded to flee from the armed extremists.


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