UAE: Nanny arrested for dumping child and fleeing – Photo

A father has spoken of his anger after he hired a nanny to take care of his poorly child – only to find she dumped him under a tree and ran away.

dumped-child-696x538Saif Abdullah Al Tamimi, 30, said he found his son Fazza struggling to breathe and with “blue lips” after being left unattended in the garden of their home.

The Emirati said his child was born with hyaline membrane disease, which leads to breathing difficulties.

The nine-month-old needs oxygen frequently throughout the day. Al Tamimi said he did not know why the domestic worker fled but police said she had arranged to be picked up by someone.

Al Tamimi said: “My son, Fazza, spent six months at the hospital as he needs to be given oxygen all the time.

“Three months ago, I decided to hire a babysitter to administer oxygen to Fazza and to take him to the hospital for periodic injections.”

On November 8, he said he found his boy alone in the garden of their home in Oud Mutainah, near Khawaneej.

A police patrol and emergency crew were dispatched to the scene.

Al Tamimi said: “I rushed to Fazza and his lips started to turn blue and he was throwing up. I immediately administered oxygen.

“I didn’t expect something like this would happen.

“Thankfully, someone saw him and we rushed to save him. I can’t even think of what might have happened.

“I urge all parents to take caution with their children’s babysitters.”

Major Eissa Ahmed, an official from Al Qusais Police Station, said the nanny will be charged. He said: “The babysitter will be referred to the Dubai Public Prosecution for endangering a child’s life.

Ahmed said: “A few weeks ago, we received another report about a maid who risked a child’s life by placing him right by a swimming pool.”


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