There are people injured in forest fires break out across Israel

Overnight Tuesdai into Wednesday morning more than 30 crews of firefighters assisted by 12 IDF firefighting crews worked to fight the fires devloping in Zichron Yaakov and the surrounding region.

Border policeman were called into to insure that residents in the area had evacuated their houses. Many residents were evacuated minutes before the fire reached their homes.

An additional forest fire broke out in the settlement of Dolev, in the Benyamin region. Two people were lightly injured from smoke inhalation as the fire edged on the settlements houses.

The fire was under control Wednesday morning as firefighters and volunteers worked to extinguish the last of the flames.

Four crews were sent to put out an additional forest fire in the Judea region.

Rounding off the nights fires was the southern fire on Kibbutz Revadim, where families were evacuated. The fire was extinguished before morning broke.

Source: Jerusalem Post

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