Qatari women robbed in hold-up on Paris highway – Photo

Two Qatari sisters in their 60s were reportedly robbed of €5 million in valuables on Monday after thieves ambushed their car on a Paris highway.

The two women were traveling from Le Bourget airport, which handles private jets, northeast of the capital, according to AFP.

Their Bentley was then held up by two masked men who sprayed them with pepper spray, French broadcaster BFM TV reported. It added that the car’s driver reported the incident and that police are investigating.

Both news outlets cited unnamed police sources.

The officer who spoke to AFP said robbers stole “everything in the vehicle: jewels, clothes, luggage.”


The Qatar embassy in France could not be reached for comment yesterday. And the French embassy in Qatar told Doha News that it has no knowledge of the incident.

Additionally, Qatar’s foreign ministry and French police have not officially commented on the crime.

Previous incidents

This is not the first time that cars have been held up on the stretch of road leading north from Paris to the Charles de Gaulle and Le Bourget airports.

A Korean art collector was the target of a similar holdup last year, when three attackers snatched four million euros in jewels from her car, AFP said.

In Paris itself, another high-profile robbery took place in October. American reality TV star Kim Kardashian was tied up in her apartment and robbed at gunpoint of $10 million in jewels.


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