Opposition in Syria looks forward to Trump’s foreign policy

The reaction of the Syrian opposition and the regime forces wasn’t different from that of the rest of the world following the victory of Donald Trump, especially that they both expected Hillary Clinton, whom they have met along with her working staff before, to win.

Today they are facing this victory with concern, waiting for what the new U.S. president’s policy will show, noting that he was not clear in his stances regarding his foreign policy.

Meanwhile, at the time when no Syrian official stance was released regarding this victory, many pro-regime politicians welcomed it based on Trump’s stances and his possible cooperation with Russia to end the Syrian crises as he called Putin to combat terrorism.

Ambassador of the National Coalition in the United States Najib Ghadban said that he did not expect Trump to win, like everybody else the coalition. But as this has already happened, they are waiting to know how his foreign policy will be directed, especially in the Middle East.

Ghadban noted that Trump’s relation with Moscow, and precisely with Russian President Vladimir Putin, is a negative sign that could negatively affect the Syrian crisis.

Trump earlier said that he considers ousting Bashar al-Assad worse than leaving him in power since he might be replaced by a worse president.

Moreover, member of the Syrian Supreme Commission for Negotiation George Sabra said: “We do not expect much from the new American administration, but we hope that President Donald Trump will be totally different than Mr. Donald Trump the candidate.”

While some in the opposition expressed concern about Trump’s statements, others said a more isolationist approach from Trump could be a good thing for the rebellion by allowing regional powers to act free of U.S. constraints.

Hadi al-Bahra, former head and current member of the Syrian National Coalition, an opposition political body, told Reuters that potential positive aspects to Trump’s presidency included his opposition to Iranian influence and Iran’s nuclear deal.

Source: english.aawsat.com

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