Lebanese President: Defeat of Assad will create second Libya

Lebanese President Michel Aoun has said that the defeat of Syrian President Bashar Assad would turn neighboring Syria into a “second Libya.”

In an interview with the French weekly magazine France Catholique published earlier this week, the newly-elected Lebanese head of state questioned whether Assad’s defeat would bring peace to the turbulent region or contribute to global security.

Aoun vowed to adopt an “independent and unified” foreign policy after he was elected President during a Parliament vote on Oct. 31. His election ended more than two years of a crippling deadlock to the country.

During the interview, Aoun also stressed on the restoration of state institutions, saying that the only solution to the country’s political stalemate will be the legislative elections, which are set to take place next year. Aoun reiterated his calls for a new electoral law to replace the controversial 1960s majoritarian system.

Commenting on his recently-forged alliance with the once-war time foe, the Lebanese Forces, Aoun said their relationship reassured the country’s stability for the Lebanese people.

“It united the Christians and resulted in an agreement between their leaders after some political forces were exploiting Christian divisions to target the Christian role in Lebanon,” Aoun said.

Source: en.abna24.com

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