Israel tries to weaken Muslims through terrorism

“The prolongation of the existing crises and expansion of terrorist groups are among the policies of the Zionist regime to undermine the might of Muslim nations,” Larijani said in a meeting with a Tunisian parliamentary delegation in Tehran on Sunday.

He added that Muslim countries must remain vigilant against regional crises in order to help put an end to them.

Larijani said the US and Israeli regime are pursuing the policy of sowing discord among Islamic faiths and added that all Shia and Sunni Muslims oppose acts of terror.

“However, a small minority like Wahhabis with international support seek to cause strife and discord among Muslim nations,” the top Iranian parliamentarian said.

Larijani further reiterated that Iran’s policy is based on building consensus among Muslim countries, adding that the “immature mentality of some Muslim states” has prevented unity in the Muslim world.

Elsewhere in his remarks, the Iranian Parliament speaker said the development of cultural and trade relations between Iran and Tunisia can help the two nations become more acquainted with each others’ capacities.

He also stressed the importance of improving parliamentary cooperation between Tehran and Tunis.


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