Arab artists: Five pieces of Donald Trump art

To recap, in case you were under a rock somewhere, Trump won the election on the 11th of November, and no one can forget it.

With so much anguish and fear in the air among Muslims and Arabs that were personally targeted by Trump’s loaded campaign rhetoric, some dropped words for none other than: Art.

Here’s a list of mostly Arab artists, laying it out on paper. While this art had to come out of a place so dark, we hope it will help shine a light home.

1. Where everything’s Trump


An unnamed Jordanian artist paints a world of Trump as represented by the target of most of his mockery: his signature yellow hairstyle.

2. The World of Trump


Part of the #Khartoon hashtag, Sudanese Khalid Albaih shows us the face (or the head) of the world’s most powerful human being.

3. The truth about their position on Israel


Was there ever any real doubt who both these candidates would support? This political cartoon was drawn by Carlos Latuff, a Brazilian artist of Arab descent who has provided some of the most incisive visual political commentary on the Middle East over the last decade or so.

4. The world is frightened


5. Trumpenstein


Drawn by an Emirati, this is a bit of a jab at an American system that “created a monster.”


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