Trump is a danger!

Alexander Goldenstein

Israeli political consultant, advisor for the Donald Trump campaign in Israel.

Woe to you, O land, whose king is a lad, says wise Ecclesiastes, the son of David, king in Jerusalem. Adolescence of a leader, that is, inexperience and inability to adequately assess the situation, is, indeed, the danger both for a small and a great nation, for a small state as well as for the great one. On the eve of the US elections, we can hear a warning voice of local media: Trump never was a senator, nor was he a congressman, a Governor, or a Secretary of State.  He is inexperienced, and this makes him three times as dangerous for the future of the United States.

Indeed, an inexperienced president of today’s most powerful nation can mess things up so bad there’ll be hell to pay.  He can, for example, upset the US allies, letting them know that they already are in his pocket and begin to flirt with the worst enemies. He can break the age-old tenets of the American Dream, encourage the lazy and stupid, “pressure” the successful and hard working, equate parasites and taxpayers.

An inexperienced US president can plunge entire regions, such as the Middle East, into the abyss of war, genocide, millions of refugees, the elimination of state and the fall of stable regimes. That would be terrible, no doubt. Who knows, maybe terrorist attacks will occur in the Western countries one after the other due to his short-sighted policy.

What does Trump know about Russia and imperial ambitions of Erdogan? Trump has never met with Putin, and his lack of experience can lead to Russia again becoming a leading player in the Middle East, dictating it terms not only to the United States, but also to Western Europe, while Turkey will recall that only a century ago it was a regional empire and it would be nice if NATO’s second largest army came under the full control of the possessed Islamist-petty tyrant. Heaven forbid Trump lets it happen!

And Trump’s personality alone… let’s agree that the United States needs a president who is respected and even feared by everybody. Because, due to inexperience, he will kiss the rings of the medieval dictators, show absolute incapacity in the face of new threats in the Caucasus, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and Africa.  This should be a person with whom it all must be clear: “all jokes aside, behold the president of the mighty nation!” The one that wouldn’t be laughed at in London and Riyadh, Moscow and Tehran, Jerusalem and Manila.

Such an inexperienced president can lead to the collapse of American democracy, subjugate the media to such an extent that nine out of ten newspapers will support him. His supporters will try to undermine competitors’ rallies, set fire to their headquarters, fight against freedom of speech. They will rob and kill, march down the streets, shooting law enforcement officers. If he will get himself in trouble of criminal nature or undermine national security, he will do anything to prevent the CIA and the FBI from setting that case in motion.  And God forbid if any former agent will try to publish the truth, he will then find a way to shut him up.

Every sober-minded person understands that Trump is a danger to America and to the rest of the world. Now, I guess it is clear to you too, dear readers!

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