Saudi young man who decapitated his parents arrested in Taif

Saudi authorities have arrested a young man for beheading his parents on Sunday in an incident that has shaken the nation.

The gruesome and shocking incident took place west of Saudi Arabia in Taif city’s Al-Suhaili neighborhood.

Sources told Al Arabiya that the man, using a knife, had decapitated his parents after confining them inside a room in their home.

So far it was not clear why the parents were killed.

This is not a new occurrence, however. In June, twin brothers in Riyadh had killed their parents and stabbed a third brother .

Last year, Saudi Interior Police were able to capture and arrest Saad Radi Ayash al-Anzi, who along with his brother, allegedly killed their cousin, who is a soldier, and three other people.

They were both ISIS-loyalists.

Fahad Al-Shukairan, a Saudi expert on radical groups, told Al Arabiya English that targeting of relatives began in the 1970s when the so-called jihadists in Afghanistan fought against the Soviet Union.


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