Saudi Arabia’s founding king’s advice to Syrians

During the late part of his reign, Saudi Arabia’s founding King urged the Syrians to unify and maintain solidarity after colonialism, in remarks that were remembered by Saudi writer Mshari Al Thaydi published in an article in Asharq al-Awsat newspaper.

The late Saudi King Abdulaziz al-Saud’s advice was first published in the first issue of Dhahran News newspaper dated December 26, 1954 – one year after he passed away in November of 1953.

During its coverage of the late King’s visit to Egypt, the newspaper reported that his advice for solidarity came during his meeting with a delegation of Syrian journalists.

The late King was quoted as saying: “I heard that the Syrians talk a lot, but they never agree, a statement I have out passed due to my conviction that Damascus is the core of Arab movement.”

He addressed the Syrians directly, saying: “When I urge for action and unity, it is for the sake of your country. I have no aspiration to rule Syria, I want it a fully independent and sovereign state, hence my advice for you is to work together. I (bestow myself) for the Arabs in general and for Syria particularly.”

In five years of the Syrian civil war, 400,000 have been killed and another 70,000 have perished due to a lack of basics such as clean water and healthcare.


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