Man stabbed his boss who tried to rape him

A Pakistani man stabbed a compatriot who tried to rape him, a court has been told.

When questioned by police the defendant, 20, said he met the victim three days earlier after having lost his job. The man offered him work but during those three days harassed him for sex.

“We had a fight when he tried to sodomise me and I defended myself, so I stabbed him,” he said. “And I didn’t steal the car, I only took it to escape but I had no intention to kill or take the car.”

 On May 9, a driver found the victim bleeding profusely, so he called police about 3am.

“He was dead already on the side of the road and covered with blood that was mainly coming from the right side of his neck,” an Emirati police officer told the court.

Another officer said the dead man’s car was found on the side of Sheikh Zayed Road, pointed towards Abu Dhabi, shortly after.

“We checked the car and found blood on the right front door and more blood inside,” said the officer.

 He said that when the defendant was arrested in Abu Dhabi, they found bloodied clothes and a knife wrapped inside in a plastic bag.

“He told us that on the night of the murder he was fed up, and about 1am he walked out of the deceased’s room but the man followed him and offered that he could spend the night in his car,” said an Omani policeman.

The defendant said he was in the car trying to sleep when the victim started it up and drove off.

 “He said that the driver stopped the car shortly after and attacked him, trying to pull his trousers down,” the officer said.

“Then he remembered the man had a knife in his car so he reached for it and stabbed the attacker, not knowing where he stabbed him, then took the car and drove to Jebel Ali.”

The suspect then abandoned the car and hitched a lift to the capital.

The defendant denied charges of premeditated murder and theft. The next hearing has been scheduled for November 16 so a defence lawyer can be appointed.


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