Israel yet saved Azerbaijan from the “Iskanders”

That’s why Zakir Hasanov is calm.

Yesterday Azerbaijani Defense Minister, Colonel-General Zakir Hasanov, speaking to the personnel of the military units stationed on the front lines, said that PTRC “Iskander”, demonstrated by Armenia in the military parade, will not change the military balance in the region in favor of the enemy.

“We have achieved superiority in all areas. And in response to enemy’s possible use of a few devices, our armed forces, using thousands of missiles and brand-new means of combat available at their disposal, are able not only to shoot down these missiles, but also to destroy all enemy military infrastructures, regardless of the distance and its location. All threats of the enemy regarding the use of those missiles are nothing but a fiction”, – said the minister.


Thus he made it clear to the Armenian militarists that Azerbaijan has a powerful missile defense system capable of destroying “Iskanders”. Azeri.Today presents to the readers the Israeli missile defense system that effectively protects the entire country.

Multifunctional radar EL / M-2080 “Green Pine” is developed by Israel. It is designed to detect enemy ballistic missiles and ballistic missile warheads, track them with target designation for anti-ballistic missile system command center and air defense missile system command posts, identify the most dangerous targets and targeting interceptor missiles on them. “Green Pine” simultaneously tracks up to 14 ballistic targets and after the selection of the most dangerous ballistic targets provides guidance of up to two interceptor missiles on each of them. Firing is conducted according to the principle “fire – verify – fire”. The first counter-missile intercepts the target at an altitude of 50 km, and the second – at an altitude of 8-10 km.

This radar can simultaneously operate in modes of search, detection, tracking, and missile guidance. It illuminates the target and guides the missile to within 4 m of the target. It is also a means of monitoring the airspace: identifies missiles flying in the far distance, notifies about the missile attack, evaluates the level of threat, posed by the detected objects (attacking or flying ballistic target), and calculates the estimated launching point and point of impact of a ballistic missile.


The radar uses an electronic beam scanning, widely uses blocks based on solid-state semiconductor devices. It operates at L band (19-77 cm, which corresponds to 500-1000 MHz), can detect missiles, ballistic missile warheads at a distance of 500 km and track them during flight at speeds of up to 3km / s (3000 m / sec). Simultaneously tracks up to 14 ballistic targets and provides guidance of up to two interceptor missiles on each of them.

Another two main features of the radar: the phased array antenna and ability to work in the conditions of use of electronic warfare systems by an opponent.

The station includes a control and data processing center, antenna post with phased array antenna (placed on the semitrailer), cooling and air conditioning facilities, an autonomous power source. All elements of the radar are modular (military protective containers), their transportability is provided by regular army vehicles.

Air defense forces of Azerbaijan have 2 (two) EL / M-2080 Green Pine radars at its disposal. That is why the information about the appearance of PTRC “Iskander” during the parade in Armenia has not concerned the military leadership of Azerbaijan at all.


Here is an illustrative example of the two radar coverage areas of the territory of Azerbaijan and the Caucasus in particular.

Teymur Samadov

Bishkek, specifically for Azeri.Today

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