Online drug dealers arrested in Saudi Arabia

The General Directorate for Narcotics Control (GDNC) in Saudi Arabia is not only fighting drug dealers in the streets and surprising them in their hideouts, but also catching them across the Internet.

Major successes have been achieved in apprehending them. Since the beginning of the social networking revolution, drug dealers have taken advantage of this technology in pushing drugs, as many users of these sites are heavily used by Saudis and residents alike.

The GDNC said that it has the power and ability to deal with this method of drug sales, as indicated by the number of arrests of dealers using Snapchat and other modern smartphone applications.

The number of arrested reached 54 dealers who took advantage of cyberspace to peddle their stuff. The most recent arrest was that of a dealer under the nickname of Mido in Riyadh, who used Snapchat to sell hashish.

Abdulillah bin Mohammed Sharif, the assistant director general of anti-drug prevention affairs, said in a press statement that the number of arrests of drug dealers on social media reached 54 young men. No woman has been arrested.

Abdulaziz Al-Harthy, a legal adviser, said that promotion of drugs through social media is a violation of two important laws of the Kingdom: anti-drug laws with a penalty of death, and electronic crimes laws that stipulate a penalty of imprisonment for a period not exceeding five years and a fine not exceeding SR300,000. Maj. Gen. Mansour Al-Turki, spokesman of the Ministry of Interior, said that the Kingdom is being targeted by drug dealers who want to destroy the youth of this country.

In related news, 4 million Captagon tablets were seized after police arrested an Asian truck driver at a petrol station south of Al-Aflaj. After checking his papers and searching his truck, they found a huge amount of drugs destined for distribution in the capital.

The driver was referred to the anti-narcotics department for necessary action.
In addition, Al-Haditha Customs officials foiled an attempt to smuggle 13,235 Captagon tablets and narcotic pills in a vehicle coming into the port.

Director General of Al-Haditha Customs Ibrahim Al-Anzi said: “During inspections, Captagon pills were found hidden inside the vehicle. Necessary action was taken against this smuggling attempt.”

He indicated that Customs employees are aware of the various techniques and methods that smugglers use, and the innovative ways they employ to try to smuggle narcotics and other contraband into the Kingdom.


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