Victim describes savage sword attack in Dubai street

A young man has described the moment he and his brother were brutally hacked at by a gang of men during a street attack in a Dubai suburb.

Hamad, a 20-year-old Emirati, and his sibling were set upon by seven men in the early hours of Sunday morning.

They were outside their home in Al Warqa at about 3am and preparing to pick up a friend from the airport when the attack took place.

Dubai Police have identified some of the suspects and said they are confident of arrests in the coming days.

Speaking to 7DAYS from his hospital bed, Hamad, who asked that his full name not be printed, said he had no idea who the culprits were.

His suffered a serious wound to his shoulder after it was hacked with a sword and was also punched in the face repeatedly.

His brother, who he declined to name, is even more seriously wounded. Two friends that they were with managed to escape unharmed.

Hamad said: “I was with two friends and my brother outside our house planning to go and meet a friend, when two cars parked near us and seven people got out. They attacked us with swords and knuckledusters.

“We don’t know why they attacked us.

“We tried to speak with them but they didn’t listen. They and cut my brother’s lips with a sharp tool and broke his jaw. They hit him on his back, which caused severe pain, now he can’t sit properly.

“They broke my shoulder after a sword hit and kept punching and kicking us. My two friends managed to escape.”

An officer at Rashidiya Police Station said they received an emergency call and police patrols and an ambulance were at the scene within minutes.

The officer said: “The brothers said that they don’t know the attackers but we managed to identify them and will arrest them soon.

“Some of them have criminal record for attacks and it’s just a matter of time before we get them.”

Hamad’s mother, who also asked not to be named, told 7DAYS: “The people who attacked my sons were aggressive and carried weapons. I hope they are arrested and face justice.”

Author: Ali Al Shouk


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