Three minors arrested in Paris with ISIS connections

Three 15-year-old minors were arrested separately in Paris during the last few days on suspicion of planning an attack as ISIS agents. During their interrogation, it emerged that they had internet connections with the extremist French preacher Rashid Kassim who is suspected of organizing the failed attempt by a group of women to place a car bomb opposite the Notre Dame Cathedral last week.

Kassim, aged 29 belongs to ISIS and is at present in the Middle East in ISIS- occupied territory, but communicated with his followers through the encoded application “Telegram”. He is also suspected of involvement in at least two other attacks in France, the murder of a police officer and his wife in Magnanville last June and the murder of the priest Jacques Hamel in his Normandy church in July. In both cases, the assailants were either in contact with Kassim or were inspired by his internet incitement to perform the attacks.

One of the minors was arrested last Thursday in Rueil-Malmaison in northwest Paris after volunteering on the Telegram application to perform an attack . The others were also arrested in Paris, one for intending to stab passersby in the La Coulee Verte garden in Paris and the other for “close connections with Jihadist Rashid and volunteering to perform terror attacks,” according to sources in FIP.


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