Terrorist PYD/PKK misusing US flag in northern Syria

In areas of northern Syria recently liberated from Daesh, the terrorist organizations PKK and its Syrian offshoot the PYD are flying U.S. flags on its facilities as shields to prevent possible attacks, according to local Syrian opposition sources on the ground.

A number of PYD/PKK militants continue to hold villages, including the village of Rafe, north of the liberated city of Manbij, 25 kilometers (15 miles) from the west bank of the Euphrates River.

By displaying the U.S. flags, they are sending the false signal that U.S. forces are also present, said the sources, speaking on condition of anonymity due to concerns for their safety.

However, the groups were supposed to vacate the region after having seized control of the strategic city from Daesh last month.

Turkey has been waiting for the U.S. to keep its commitment that there will not be any PYD/PKK elements west of the Euphrates after the liberation of Manbij.

Source: Anadolu

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